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R$400 (Brazilian Reais)
R$1,100 (Brazilian Reais) x 3 months
R$3700 for the three months of the course which covers housing, meals , transportation for school events.
For those wanting to do the one year practical phase with YWAM Belo Horizonte, the cost after the theory part of the school is R$530 per month per person which covers housing & basic meals .


Application Form

Confidencial Pastor Reference Form

Personal Health Form

Confidential Ministry leader Reference form

Personal Evaluation form

YWAM Child Protection Policy document


Short term volunteers

Empowering and supporting the work of YWAM Belo Horizonte


Dive deeper in your relationship with God, grow in godly character and find your purpose in Him.



Students are required to make a six month to a one-year commitment to an existing ministry with vulnerable children (this is the practical portion). YWAMers can do this practical part with YWAM (if the student is currently a staff member in another base, they may return to their original base to do their practical phase). Students coming from other ministries should complete their practical phase with the ministry that sent them. 


The options for the practical phase divide basically into 3 types of ministry:  

  1. Street Children    

  2. Community Development   

  3. Foster Care

 This practical phase allows students to implement their new-found skills in relevant field settings..


DATES : to be decided

COSTS : The costs are a registration/material fee of R$400 (Brazilian currency) and a monthly fee of R$1100 (Brazilian currency) – totaling to R$3700 for the three months of the course. 


For those wanting to do the one year practical phase with YWAM Belo Horizonte, the cost after the theory part of the school is R$530 per month per person which covers housing & basic meals .


Each student will need to have additional support to cover:

  • Personal hygiene materials

  • Snacks

  • Telephone and internet usage

  • Transportation (whenever it´s not related to the CAR school)

  • International Health insurance coverage

  • Any other personal expenses


How to apply to be  a student at the CAR school?

To apply you need to the following requirements, applications, and documents:

  • You need to be at least 18 years old, 

  • Have successfully completed a DTS (Discipleship Training school ) with YWAM

  • Fill out our application form

  • Confidential Base or Ministry leader Reference 

  • Confidential Pastor Reference

  • A State or Federal criminal background check

  • A Personal Health Form

  • Must have read and signed the following documents (YWAM International values and YWAM international child protection policy)


Please organize for the confidential references to be sent personally by the person filling out the reference and that all the signed documents are scanned and sent via e-mail. Once the forms are all in, the CAR school team will pray and make a decision regarding your application, and as soon as possible you will have an answer.



Information for Volunteer visa only - Those of you that are planning on doing your practical year here in YWAM Belo Horizonte, you will need a volunteer´s visa.  This visa process generally can take from 3 – 5 months ( * of course, this varies from one person to another, depending from which country you are from and so forth) to complete this type of visa process.

After you have received your acceptance letter we will send more information on how to apply so we encourage all foreign students to submit their applications as soon as possible in order to have sufficient time for this visa process.  

Information for Tourist visa only - Those of you who are planning on doing your practical year in another country or ministry we ask that you come on a tourist visa.  This is the visa that we normally ask those students who are staying for a short time to apply for. 


To equip, empower and mobilize workers to reach out & impact children and their

families in needy communities.



Children are the most vulnerable group in any society. The focus of the CAR school is on those who have been placed at risk due to factors such as abandonment, poverty and other forms of injustice. 


The goal of the CAR course is to train staff/missionary workers to be able to continue the existing works of YWAM and other ministries with children , teenagers and their families, as well as to expand this work, starting new projects throughout Brazil and in other countries. We also seek to help other missions and churches in the development of projects reaching the new generation. This school helps the students to develop projects that will reach and generate transformation in the lives of children who live in a situation of social risk and, as a consequence, transform their families and the environment where they live.


The course is bilingual (Portuguese and English) and the theory part lasts three months. The curriculum includes, among other subjects, the following:

  • The Biblical bases for ministry

  • Working with families

  • Child development

  • Community Development

  • Children with special needs

  • Leadership

  • Sexuality

  • Legal aspects of working with children and families in Brazil


The school will allocate time to serve local communities, families and children. A written project provides you with the opportunity to delve into issues of interest and areas of great need. 

Be a donor!

As YWAM is a non-profit mission organization, we depend completely on offerings from churches, friends and others who want to invest in missionary work. If you would like to make a donation towards the CAR school, please get in touch:




For more information, please contact us:






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